The YMCA needed a cheaper alternative to their previous donation platform. Using the Stripe API, NodeJS and Gatsby, I was able to provide the Y with a safer blazing fast donation alternative that cut their previously huge annual service fees down to ZERO.


Farm Formal needed a way to let their clients visualize their wedding venue space. With moveable shapes sized proportionately to their real-life dimensions, you're able to precisely plan just how you want your wedding venue to look. Built with React.


(work in progress)

A tracing tool built to give companies the oppurtunity to show their customers how their products will look in the home. In the example shown, the product is roof tiles. Trace your roof, and swap your tiles with the given options. By extending the options via headless CMS, you can swap out your home with an elephant if you want to.


A free music library powered by YouTube and Last.fm. Built with React, NodeJS and MongoDB.